Writing for Clients by Nicole König

Writing for Clients

It's HARD, writing about yourself on your website!

Almost as hard as coming up with week after week of marketing content, in fact.

Or finally hitting PUBLISH your social media content fueled by giant mugs of lukewarm coffee -
For 3 likes and 1 measly comment (from a colleague who's telling you about a missing comma)

Let me help you with that:
Communicate your value clearly, succinctly, and with panache, for that warm tummy feeling of achievement and a healthy bottom line.

✔ How to write copy that guides your audience from browsing to buying, and repel the tyre kickers, time wasters, and no-payers.
✔ How to create spot-on content for any client, and have them happily pay you premium.
✔ How to build trust and connection with your target audience with less office time, more YOU time.           

✔ Delighting your audience in just 3 seconds - sometimes that's all you got!   
✔ Spinning content GOLD; for your own marketing and for your client projects.
✔ Having FUN writing copy and ditching writing overwhelm for good.               

✔ Create a business year of content drafts in 1 day.   
✔ Set up a content library and maximize your content value on a time budget.
✔ Create a self-growing content treasure trove to draw from.

6 modules take you from content overwhelm to content awesome, step-by-step.


  1. The best-paying writing gigs
  2. Templates
  3. Resources
  4. eBooks
  5. And a dedicated live group for feedback and assessment:

Launches on July 8th, 2019

What's included?

File Icon 7 files Text Icon 10 text files


Intro Quiz: Copywriting for Clients
Module 1: Copy Smarts
Set-Up: A Year’s Worth Of Content Ideas
Module 2: Copy Essentials
Schedule for Module 2
Module 3: Editing Essentials
Schedule for Module 3
Module 4: Writing for Social Media
Schedule for Module 4
Module 5: Writing Web Copy
Schedule for Module 5
Module 6: Writing for Clients
Schedule for Module 6
Bonus Resources
Headline Analyzer
Headline Formula
Headline Helper
1 Dictionary to rule them all
LinkedIn Writing for the Win
Your Bonus eBooks are waiting for you!
Book 1: 50+ Premium Writing Markets
Book 2
Book 3
Bonus Learning Prompts
Prompt 1
Prompt 2
Prompt 3


Will this course teach me how to write my own copy?


I'm overwhelmed and need a step-by-step recipe. I know there's now such thing for writing. Or is there?

There IS! We'll teach you to clarify your message and give you the follow-this-recipe to communicate an idea clearly, succinctly, and with panache. 

Sounds exciting! But can I make this all work for all things copy?

YES, you can.
You will walk away with step by step guides, and templates, to write your own copy for your website, social media, and email communications.
In addition, you'll learn how to write sales copy, marketing content, and the foolproof framework for off-the-cuff copwriting.

How much time should I schedule for this course?

You're signing up for 6 course weeks total.
Weekly sessions are 2 hours. Please plan for 2-3 more hours for homework.

Will there be recordings for the sessions?

For sure!
All sessions will be recorded and you can find all the recordings, templates, cheat sheets and guides right here on your course page.
Just sign in and get writing!

How do I get in touch with you when I have question?

This course will have its own dedicated work space, for peer assessment, co-working sessions, and a weekly "ask Nicole" session.