Email Script Collection by Nicole König

Email Script Collection

Emails -  the cherry on top of your "oh my gosh I've got so much to do" cake.
Or -  not.

We got you.
In fact, we wrote up a storm so you can
  1. Pitch with panache.
  2. Win proposals.
  3. Raise rates.
  4. Ask for referrals.
  5. Handle late-payers.
  6. Optimize project management.
  7. Gracefully bow out from unwanted projects.
  8. And much more!
with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Add to that
  • tips on business etiquette for every scenario
  • Real-life stories on how to win tire-kickers and bottom payers into great client
  • versions for straight shooting and charmed wooing
Save time, energy, brain space, AND make your prospects fall in love with you.

What's included?

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The Biz Muses Email Script Collection
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What's Included in my download?

  • 45 biz email templates for everyday business.
  • 15 bonus templates for those times when you're lost for words: friends asking for freebies, agencies dictating your prices, clients ghosting you.
  • 42 Biz Tip boxes with additional resources and vital information.

What if I need more templates?

You let us know!
The Biz Script Collection 2.0 will be published in January 2020.
Send us your wish list and see it come true!

What if I have questions?

That's what I'm here for!
Click here to send me an email.


I was quite surprised when I opened the download folder: the scripts contain a lot of stuff you don't normally talk about among colleagues and go much deeper than expected. The templates hit the business etiquette tone while working towards great service and win-win situations - and upping your processes and price step by step. We can ALL use these in our freelance day to day. Obviously, a lot of work went into this collection and I LOVE the added Biz Tips!
Sarah Thonnet, Translator