The Dream Biz Course by Nicole König

The Dream Biz Course

  • 8 Weeks
  • 8 Key Strategies
  • Step by Step to
YOUR dream business.

Launches on November 1st, 2019

How long have you been waiting to build your dream business?

Dive deep ...

... into the matrix of marketing, business, and consumer psychology.
  • the exact steps to finding your dream clients
  • best practices to nurture a first-time client into your biggest marketing champion
  • simple, actionable strategies to help your audience fall in love with you. 

Add the know-how, the best tools, and the smart set-up to make it all work with a minimum on financial investment: I'll help you clear any resistance and

grow your business into your DREAM business.

In this 8 module program, I'll walk you step by step to:

  1. Getting a continuous flow of dream clients in your door
  2. Building your 52-week content library that continually grows itself
  3. Communicating your value in a smart, authentic way to the people who NEED you
  4. Doing your numbers -  and building towards financial abundance
  5. Taking your online profiles and websites from crickets to cha-ching
  6. Finding your area of marketing bliss -  even if you're an introvert (like me!)
  7. Leveraging your worth and value into a healthy bottom line -  and plenty of YOU time
  8. Planning sustainable business growth, 12 months at a time

If you've always wanted to ...

  •  Stand out from the online noise
  • Serve loyal audience of clients and referrals
  • End marketing overwhelm
  • Find YOUR voice
  • Communicate your value in a smart, authentic way
  • Grow up your business to less office time, more beach time

… then this course is for you! 


  • 8 live training sessions
  • 8 live accountability sessions
  • 4 bonus sessions on copywriting
  • Templates and ready-to-go cheat sheets
  • Resources and done-for-you planners for every single step
  • A Facebook group for ongoing support

You'll finally say Good Bye to these issues:

  • ?  "I HAVE A GAZILLION IDEAS! How do I work out which ones are actually profitable?"
  • ?  "How do I make sure I'm not too specific in my niche?"
  • ?  "How do I break out of feast or famine mode... for good?"
  • ?  "What type of marketing strategy should I build, and how the heck do I leverage my value into a healthy profit?"
  • ?  "How do I build my authority and stand out?"
  • ?  "I *love* marketing, but I'm worried I'll mess it up. How do I set up a fool-proof system that doesn't take up too much time?" 
  • ?  "I *hate* marketing, how do I make the sale without selling?" 
  • ?  " How do I get to the land of healthy bottom lines?" 

Let's dive 1 mile deep into growing up your business:
Make 2020 YOUR YEAR.