The Dream Biz Course by Nicole König

The Dream Biz Course

  • 8 Weeks
  • 8 Key Strategies
  • Step by Step to
YOUR dream business.

Launches on November 1st, 2019

What's included?


Build your Dream Business - Introduction
(1h 29m 59s)


Dive deep ...

... into the matrix of marketing, business, and consumer psychology, and learn
  • the exact steps to finding your dream clients
  • best practices to delight them into becoming first, return buyers, then your biggest marketing coup
  • simple, actionable strategies that will make your audience fall in love with you. 

Add the know-how, the best tools, and the smart set-up to make it all work with a minimum on financial investment: I'll help you clear any resistance and

grow your business into your DREAM business.

In this 8 module program, I'll walk you step by step to:

  1. Getting a continuous flow of dream clients in your door
  2. Building your 52-week content library that continually grows itself
  3. Communicating your value in a smart, authentic way to the people who NEED you
  4. Doing your numbers -  and building towards financial abundance
  5. Taking your online profiles and websites from crickets to cha-ching
  6. Finding your area of marketing bliss -  even if you're an introvert (like me!)
  7. Leveraging your worth and value into a healthy bottom line -  and plenty of YOU time
  8. Planning sustainable business growth, 12 months at a time

If you've always wanted to ...

  •  stand out from the online noise
  • develop a loyal audience of clients and referrals
  • end the marketing overwhelm find YOUR voice
  • communicate your value in a smart, authentic way
  • generate your personal business blueprint

… then this course is for you! 


  • 8 live training sessions
  • 8 accountability sessions
  • 4 bonus sessions on copywriting
  • a Facebook group with live support and monthly check-ins
  • Templates and ready-to-go cheat sheets
  • Resources and done-for-you planners for every single step

You'll finally say Good Bye to these issues:

  • ?  "I HAVE A GAZILLION IDEAS! How do I work out which ones are actually profitable?"
  • ?  "How do I make sure I'm not too specific in my niche?"
  • ?  "How do I break out of feast or famine mode... for good?"
  • ?  "What type of marketing strategy should I build, and how the heck do I leverage my value into a healthy profit?"
  • ?  "How do I build my authority and stand out?"
  • ?  "I *love* marketing, but I'm worried I'll mess it up. How do I set up a fool-proof system that doesn't take up too much time?" 
  • ?  "I *hate* marketing, how do I make the sale without selling?" 

Join me for 8 weeks of in-depth learning and ongoing live support inside the course forum.

One year. 12 months. 8 strategies plus 4 pivoting points: