The Buddhified Entrepreneur Academy by Nicole K├Ânig

The Buddhified Entrepreneur Academy

  • YOUR purpose

  • YOUR gift to the world

  • YOUR nourishing business

Are you READY to ditch the hamster wheel cold-turkey and start living your best life?

Part 1: Your GIFT

Take charge of your path.
  • Define your purpose. 
  • Create your opportunities.
  • Implement self-care and mindfulness.

Part 2: Your MISSION

Your dream clients are waiting for you.
Become their speed-dial, I-want-YOU obvious choice.
  • Let them see your value.
  • Serve them with integrity.
  • Ditch the pitch for good!

Part 3: Your Happy-Ever-After

  • Build authority, and brand awareness:
    Plant your flag.
  • Charge your value (plus tax):
    Grow up your business.
  • Streamline, strategize and systematize:
    Less office time, more you time.

Say it with me:

I'm ready to step into my purpose.

I'm ready to create my happiest life.

I'm ready to build an all-around nourishing business.

I'm ready to make 2020 my year.

Doors open on January 20, 2020

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